About This Blog


   I’m trying to figure out why people might want to read this blog. I can only think of a series of questions that are bugging me right now. If any of these questions appeal to you, at least one in four blogs might be something you could be interested in:

1) Are you struggling to raise well-adjusted children?
2) Are you struggling with issues of faith and a little tired of the pat answers you once received about what it means to be a follower of Jesus?
3) Are you struggling with whether you should self-raising flour or cake flour with that particular recipe?
4) Are you looking to be inspired by the creative endeavors of others to hone your own creative life?

   The thought of starting a blog has haunted me for a long time. Recently I wrote a series of reflections on what it has meant to me to be a first-time father. Feeling the guilt of swamping my Facebook page (and thus, friends) with written content (who wants written content anymore!?) I’ve decided to move it all over to a blog, to allow those who enjoy the reflection to reflect, and to free those who would rather not, to carry on, undisturbed.

   So, my name is Andrew Robinson. Currently I reside in Durban, South Africa though I am poised for an international move in the not too distant future. Though I am not a longtime blogger, I am a long-serving pastor in a church. I’m married to Mary and we have one child, Erin.

   The scattergun nature of those four questions above is haunting me. I should have a razor-focus, but I don’t. This blog, for it to be a success, should zero in on a very particular subset of human beings, which it doesn’t. This might lead it to be a dismal failure. So be it. As Vincent Van Gogh remarked:

“The best way to know God is to love many things.”

   It would be deeply appreciated it if you would show me love by subscribing to my blog. (You can do this quite simply by filling in your email address at the bottom of the homepage.) Which you can do here. I would also love to engage with you as much as possible. So contact me and lets get talking!